The distribution of housing price inflation in Britain, 1983/1984.

Grey shades of a fixed equalized scale of housing price inflation from building society records in 10,444 wards on the equal population cartogram (Appendix D) software by author on an Archimedes computer.

The grey scale is fixed for all the prints in this series and determined to give an equal range of levels across all the pictures. The picture is not clear at the point in time shown here. An early ring of slightly higher inflation can just be distinguished around suburban London. Part of the reason for the patchy picture is that the 1983 data was not very reliable. Another reason is that the country was only just emerging from a recession and so not enough homes were being sold to show a clearer picture at this time. The following series of cartograms show how house price inflation rocketed over the country and how, where and when the bubble finally burst.

First print from a series of six.