Print XCII

The changing distribution of occupation in Britain, 1971-1981 (Colour).

Three colour mixing of deviation from the expected change for 129,211 census enumeration districts on an equal population cartogram software by author on an Archimedes computer.

In stark contrast to the static picture (Plate LXXVII), the change shows hardly any pattern over this ten year period. This is not surprising occupations are segregated spatially by such things as housing characteristics, and houses are infrequently built or demolished. The almost complete lack of any structure to the change is still remarkable. Occasionally the blue splodge of a new, perhaps up-market, estate (as to the north of Newcastle), or the consolidation of those in supervised jobs (on the coast near by Barrow for instance) can be made out; but there is little alteration of the basic structure. It is just as important to discover that no pattern is developing, as it is to find one which is.