The changing distribution of employment in Britain, 1971-1981 (Colour).

Three colour mixing of “deviation from the expected change” in 129,211 census enumeration districts on an equal population cartogram — software by author on an Archimedes computer.

This picture shows some marked changes in human geography between the 1971 and 1981 censuses. The term inactive is used, inappropriately, by the census authorities to include those who are retired, permanently sick, students and housewives. The proportion of inactive adults has increased inside the capital, and is joined by rises in the numbers of unemployed in the West Midlands and many cities of the north and Wales. These areas have also seen falls in the number of those working, which elsewhere have risen in the ring around the capital and in other, prosperous suburban areas of the country. Aberdeen and a few other places show an increase in the numbers in work, and out of it, simultaneously.