The distribution of voting composition in the 1987 British local elections (Colour).

The colours show the position of each of 10,444 wards on the triangular graph illustrating six types of three-way marginals, six of two-way, the tendencies of safe seats and extremely safe and uncontested locations. The source is Rallings M. and Thrasher C. 1987, and the distribution is shown on the equal population cartogram.

These are all the wards which held a local election in 1987. Two thirds of some rural counties were not included, neither were Greater London nor Scotland, which are shaded grey. The pattern shown is remarkably similar to that of occupation particularly in the way the Conservative vote mirrors the areas dominated by people working in professional occupations (see Plate LXXVII). The distribution of the different types of Liberal places is also notable. Local strongholds are clear to see for instance the swathe of uncontested Labour victories in South Wales.