Counties and Scottish Regions on the enumeration district cartogram.

The cartogram is based on the 1981 census resident populations of 129,211 enumeration districts. Each district is coloured according to the county to which it belongs, identically to the last illustration (except that inner London has been added as a light shade of grey). Software to create and draw the image was written by the author on Archimedes and Sun computers.

Strathclyde is the dark region which dominates Scotland, consisting largely of Glasgow and its hinterland. The most northerly dark county in England is Northumberland, the next North Yorkshire stretched around West Yorkshire which sits above the dark mass of Greater Manchester. Beneath that can be seen the West Midlands. Cornwall is in its familiar position; and outer London, as might be expected, surrounds inner London. It is interesting to note that the county borders take on an almost fractal pattern in this, population space. Lines which are simple in one metric, tend to be complex in the other.