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The distribution of unemployment by ward.

10,444 wards showing unemployment rates from the 1981 census on an equal population cartogram using exactly the same continuous grey scale as the previous illustration with software written by the author on an Archimedes computer.

What appear to be black-spots of unemployment on the conventional map can be seen to merge into large regions of high rates of joblessness in population space. A small area of relatively low rates can be seen within the dark mass of central London. Other large areas that can be identified include the Welsh Valleys, West Midlands, Liverpool, South Yorkshire, the North East conurbations and the Glasgow area. The small cluster of darkly coloured wards making up Corby can be seen in the centre of the cartogram now to scale. The rings of very low rates of unemployment form a distinctive pattern which is seen in many of the other distributions which follow. The relative prosperity of Aberdeen in the early eighties is shown in the lightness of the cluster of wards at the top right.