Print LIX

Census wards - 1981 resident population area cartogram.

The area of the hexagons is in proportion to the resident population of 10,444 census wards. Created by software written by the author on an Acorn Archimedes microcomputer. Hexagons were drawn as they can be more efficiently handled than circles when this many units are involved.

The basic patterns of population distribution and ward size variations are interesting in their own right. The wards of the old city of London are very small, but in general metropolitan areal units contain more people than rural ones. Birmingham has the largest wards. In Scotland the hexagons are part-post-code-sectors, some of which contain almost no people, particularly in central Glasgow and Edinburgh where there are many businesses, but few people sleep. Appendix F gives an indexed list of these units and contains twelve magnified insets to the cartogram for their identification.