Print XXIX

The distribution of voting in English and Welsh local elections (Colour).

Results given in Rallings M. and Thrasher C. 1987, 1988 and 1990a for 9,529 local government wards displayed on the equal population cartogram - software by author on an Archimedes computer.

London is included in the 1990 elections. Most of the other areas are coloured in by 1987 and 1988 District Council election results (only County council elections, held using incompatible units, took place in 1989). Those wards coloured grey are almost all held by independent candidates who were unopposed, forming distinct rural rings around the cities. The core of Liberal (tending to Labour) marginal wards in central London is very distinctive, separated by Labour areas from flanking the thin blue line of Conservative territory that cuts down through the capital. Scottish election results are given in the last print (CLXXIX).