A ray-traced image of the 1988 Scottish district elections composition (Colour).

910 wards drawn as coloured tetrahedrons whose volume is in proportion to the total vote are projected inside the large equilateral tetrahedron showing four-party voting composition in Scotland (Botchel J.M. & Denver D.T., 1988), a single ray-traced view is shown software by author on an Archimedes computer and Ace Computing.

This image shows something of the empty hemisphere in the core of the four-way distribution.The line of tetrahedrons in the foreground represents seats contested only by the SNP and Conservative parties. The lines of other two party distributions can also be discerned. The existing software used could not ray-trace this image at a greater resolution, which would have been desirable. It took many hours to just achieve this picture.

Fifth print from a series of five.