Print CLXX

Four perspective views of the 1988 Scottish district elections composition (Colour).

910 wards drawn as coloured tetrahedrons whose volume is in proportion to the total vote are projected inside the large equilateral tetrahedron showing four-party voting composition in Scotland (Botchel J.M. & Denver D.T., 1988), four different views are shown — software by author on an Archimedes computer and Ace Computing.

Colour can be a useful cue in seeing inside three-dimensional structures. Here the tetrahedrons representing the wards are shaded by the colour of the party on their facet opposite the party’s apex. The view is lit towards the SLD apex. The perspective projection produces greater magnification of near wards, unfortunately. These frames can only give a slight impression of what could be understood if the pattern could be interactively manipulated on a computer screen.

Fourth print from a series of five.