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The distribution of childhood leukaemia in Britain, 1966-1983 (Colour).

The distribution of 9,411 incidents of childhood leukaemia (from the National Cancer Registry) are shown as a surface with contours of colour, smoothed by the use of kernels over the equal enumeration district population cartogram ó software by author on an Archimedes computer.

The basic distribution of childhood leukaemia is extremely evenly distributed over Britainís population space. Techniques can be employed to emphasise the slight increase in the density of cases, as has been done here. No great cluster of cases is found anywhere, although some cities, particularly the more depressed, tend to show an inclination for a slightly higher rate of incidences. This could easily be due to such factors as families moving to be nearer centres of treatment, however. A cartogram of the distribution of children as risk would not produce a significantly different base from that shown here.