Print CXXI

Yearly migration flows in population space by occupation, 1981 (Colour).

Lines of more than 0.2% of the geometric mean of the resident populations of the areas of origin and destination are drawn between 9,289 1981 census wards on an equal population cartogram, coloured according to the mix of occupations at the place of origin software by author on an Archimedes computer.

Once again the picture changes on a population cartogram compared with the land map (Plate CXX). The dark blue is seen as a swathe cutting through the capital, surrounded by lines of red many of which are constrained by the council house sector to remain in particular bundles of London boroughs. Surrounding these is a ring of blues and greens, dashed with orange and yellow towns. People move, but they tend very much to move to the same type of estate they left, and so, despite a lot of movement, the spatial class structure is maintained.