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This is the web version of Danny Dorling's 1991 PhD Thesis. You are free to use any of the contents; please cite:

Dorling, D. (1991) The Visualization of Spatial Structure, PhD Thesis, Department of Geography, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

There are some tasks left to make this thesis complete, but they are time-consuming and it may be some time before they are completed. They are:

  1. Footnotes references need linking from the text to the footnotes themselves
  2. Add page numbers to the chapters
  3. Make the page numbers on the Index page clickable
  4. Scan and add the Appendices
  5. Scan and add the three transparencies that came with the thesis
  6. Make all figures available as SVG files (currently just figure 22, the rest are just available as jpgs)

John Pritchard