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Poverty, wealth and place in Britain, 1968 to 2005

Understanding the Transformation of the Prospects of Places


The full report contains detailed results and maps of poverty and wealth across Britain at each time period. To see an example, click here (2Mb JPEG image) for a map of the Breadline Poverty measure 1970-2000 in the West Midlands.* The data for Britain can be downloaded from the downloads page.

Key Findings

National figures

Figure 1 shows the national percentages for all five types of household around the year 2000. This shows that around 11% of households were Core Poor, and that these formed a proportion of the 27% of households that were breadline poor. About 23% of households were Asset Wealthy, and about a quarter of these (6% of total households) were Exclusive Wealthy.

Figure 1. The percentage of households in each of the five poverty/wealth categories in 2000.
Poverty and wealth, GB 2000

Figure 2. How the national percentages of the wealth and poverty measures changed between 1970 and 2000 (data to calculate the Asset Wealth measure were not available for 1970).

* Geographical boundary data are based on data provided through EDINA UKBORDERS with the support of the ESRC and JISC and use boundary material which is copyright of the Crown

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