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Poverty, wealth and place in Britain, 1968 to 2005

Understanding the Transformation of the Prospects of Places

View maps

You can view cartogram maps of the poverty and wealth measures here. (note - this takes a few moments to load)

Which tract?

You can find out which tract a particular place (e.g. a village or town) is in, along with poverty and wealth data for that tract here.

Download Data and Documents


The full project report may be downloaded from the JRF website, or purchased in hard copy from The Policy Press.


A number of datasets can be downloaded here: re-use and publication is permitted for academic or non-profit purposes. Some data are derived from the UK censuses of 1971, 1981, 1991 and 2001, which are Crown Copyright, the Family Expenditure Surveys, and the Poor Britain/Breadline Britain/Poverty and Social Exclusion surveys. Some of these data were obtained via the Essex data archive and the ESRC/JISC census programme.

The data for the report were produced and analysed at tract level (see below). Data have also been re-aggregated to Westminster Parliamentary Constituency boundaries as at 1997/2001.

Poverty and Wealth Data

The poverty and wealth data can be downloaded as follows

poverty_wealth_1968_2001_constituency.xls (1.4Mb) zipped (613k)
Data for constituencies in Excel format
poverty_wealth_1968_2001_tract.xls (1Mb) zipped (511k)
Data for tracts in Excel format

If you run Windows but don't have Excel, you can download the viewer from Microsoft here. If you use another operating system and don't use Excel, you could either use the tab-delimited text format file below, or use OpenOffice to view the data.

A summary of the measures at constituency level can be viewed here (1Mb html file). Poverty and wealth data for each year can also be viewed in your web browser via links to pages here.

Poverty and Wealth Data for statistical/GIS packages

These datasets contain the same data as the Excel files above, formatted for use in statistical or GIS software.

Constituency level data

poverty_wealth_1968_2001_constituency.dta (214k)
Data in Stata format
poverty_wealth_1968_2001_constituency.xpt (273k)
Data in SAS Transport format
poverty_wealth_1968_2001_constituency.txt (241k)
Data in tab-delimited text format

Tract level data

poverty_wealth_1968_2001_tract.dta (432k)
Data in Stata format
poverty_wealth_1968_2001_tract.xpt (677k)
Data in SAS Transport format
poverty_wealth_1968_2001_tract.txt (539k)
Data in tab-delimited text format

Census Tracts

All_tract_LUTs.xls (Excel file, 6Mb), zipped (1.5Mb)
Look-up tables to enable aggregation of ward-level census data for 1981 to 2001 to tracts. (Zipped ESRI Shapefile, 59k)
Shapefile of the hexagonal tracts cartogram for use in a Geographic Information System

Ward/PostCode Sector


(Excel file, 4.3Mb), zipped (1.5 Mb)
Breadline Poor data for Ward/PostCode Sector 1971-2001

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