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Poverty, wealth and place in Britain, 1968 to 2005

Understanding the Transformation of the Prospects of Places


This is the first study on how both poverty and wealth are geographically distributed in Britain. It covers the past 40 years. On wealth and place very little is understood, and establishing its distribution is essential for a more thorough understanding of social inequalities.

The study builds on previous work on poverty in Britain by Wheeler et al. (2005) and Pantazis et al. (2006), for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Pantazis, C., D. Gordon and R. Levitas (Eds) (2006) Poverty and Social Exclusion in Britain. Bristol, The Policy Press. Available from The Policy Press here.
Wheeler, B.W., M. Shaw, R. Mitchell and D. Dorling (2005) Life in Britain: Using millennial Census data to understand poverty, inequality and place. Bristol: Policy Press. Summary available here.

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