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Map of BBC Local Radio Areas (and areas used for study in Scotland and Wales)
  Radio Cumbria   Radio Suffolk
  Radio Newcastle   BBC Essex
  BBC Tees   BBC London 94.9
  Radio Lancashire   Radio Kent
  Radio Merseyside   Southern Counties Radio
  Radio Manchester   Radio Berkshire
  Radio Leeds   Radio Oxford
  Radio Sheffield   Radio Solent
  Radio York   Radio Gloucester
  Radio Humberside   Radio Wiltshire
  Radio Lincolnshire   Radio Bristol
  Radio Nottingham   BBC Somerset
  Radio Leicester   Radio Devon
  Radio Derby   Radio Cornwall
  Radio Stoke   Radio Ulster
  Radio Shropshire   Cardiff
  Radio WM   Swansea
  Coventry & Warwickshire   Rest of Wales
  Hereford & Worcester   Glasgow
  Radio Northampton   Edinbugh
  Three Counties Radio   Dundee
  Radio Cambridgeshire   Aberdeen
  Radio Norfolk   Rest of Scotland

Map made with gmapcreator from CASA - many thanks to them

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