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Atlas #2A – Experimental Atlas: The “Out of This World” Atlas

In Atlas #2 the research group chose to show select cities within their regions. The North American, Pacific Asian, and European regions were selected because they comprise a majority of Peter Taylor’s world cities. Similar to Atlas #2, Atlas #2A is designed to illustrate how connectivity is changing absolute geography. But when the research group was developing Atlas #2, they realized an interested trend in the data that deserved to be represented in its own Atlas.

The research group noticed that when they zoomed out from the regional view of the cities in Atlas #2 to the full view of the visualizations, many cities’ connectivity values pushed them off the map. We reasoned that if all the cities are weighted against each other, then they are relative to each other, and as many cities must move closer to the central city as those that move away. But the research group could not image that so many cities would be pushed so far “Out of This World.” Hence, we developed the “Out of This World” Atlas to illustrate how this phenomenon works.

Here are few examples of the images in the Atlas:


Hong Kong


These visualizations were developed at full screen size. Here is the link to the full Atlas—full screen shots, some 3D visualizations, and detailed explanations: GAWC Visualizations


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