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Atlas #1A was based upon similar concepts from Atlas #1. For the second set of visualizations, the research group sought to experiment further with flow lines to represent the strength of a city’s connection to its peers. To address the clutter problem in Atlas #1, we decided to develop three-dimensional flow lines. As with Atlas #1, the most current work done mapping three-dimensional flow lines also comes from mapping global interneti and phone connectionsii. These images proved to be very interesting, and the research group decided they deserved their own Atlas. But because it does not solve the clutter problems we encountered in Atlas #1, we decided not fully develop the Atlas for the top 62 cities. Instead, we chose 12 examples.

Here are few snapshots of the visualizations:

PART 1: Three-dimensional lines wrapped around a Three-dimensional Globe


New York



PART 2: Three-dimensional lines on a flat map

New York









These visualizations can be viewed in 3D and blown up to full screen size. Here is the link to the full Atlas—the 3D visualizations, snapshots, and detailed explanations:  GAWC Visualizations

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