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The North-South Divide - examples

The line we have drawn is informed by countless examples of maps that have been drawn using data on various aspects of British life.

These are six examples; the reports/websites from which they are taken are listed lower down the page.

  1. Access to elite universities.1
  2. People aged 60-74 with Limiting Long-term Illness. 1
  3. Changes in death rates 1980s–early 1990s not accounted for by class or employment. 2
  4. Change in long-term unemployment rates (1983-93), 16-64 year olds. 2
  5. Average house price by decile area 2003. 3
  6. General election 2005; notional winner by 2007 parliamentary constituency. 4


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  1. Identity in Britain: A cradle-to-grave atlas. Thomas, B. and Dorling, D. 2007, Bristol: Policy Press.
    More information ...
  2. Inequalities in life and death: what if Britain were more equal? R. Mitchell, D. Dorling and M. Shaw, The Policy Press, Bristol, 2000, in association with JRF, pp. 68, ISBN 1-86134-234-9
    Report (2.5MB PDF)
  3. Thomas, B. and Dorling, D. (2004) Know Your Place: Housing wealth and inequality in Great Britain 1980-2003 and beyond. Published in the Shelter book The Great Divide: an analysis of housing inequality.
    Report (1.4 MB PDF)
  4. Exploratory work mapping election results, SASI group and Michael Thrasher