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The North-South Divide - Where is the line?

Map created using Mapresso © 2003 Adrian Herzog

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The Jedi variable
The 2001 UK census asked a question on religion. An email had been spread quite widely prior to the census urging people to declare their religion to be Jedi. 390,127 people in England and Wales did so. Also 14,052 people in Scotland.

This has created much debate, much of it whether or not this makes it an 'official' religion. See some links below, including a letter to the Guardian from LS Walker!

The ONS, who are responsible for the census and its ouput, have published Jedi figures for Local Authorities in England and Wales, which is what we have used in the map. We only have a total for Scotland, so we can't show the geography of Jedi Knights there. So far I've failed to find even a total published for Northern Ireland.

Guardian article prior to the census
Letters to the Guardian Newspaper
Article in the Sunday Herald
Article on ONS website
BBC Article 9/10/2001
BBC Arcticle 15/2/2003
Telegraph Article
Times Article

If you don't see a map above, you may need to download Java Runtime Environment

Cartogram created by Bethan Thomas, 2003. Available for download as a shapefile

Thanks to Dr Robin Smith for the idea of doing the Jedi map

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